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A better way to fund your Cause


 Set up your Culture Slides Store for a fresh fundraising approach. Design branded slides that support your school, club, or  organization without the usual e-commerce hassle.  Our platform was built to give the ability for all to purchase branded slides while proving a no-risk source of funding. 


Share your site on Facebook, Instagram, X, or email. Engage with your community to fund your cause. With only a 10 pair minimum, each pair purchased contributes $10 back to your cause. As  you sell more, we give more! 50+ pairs will contrinute $12 per pair and 100+ pairs will contribute $15 per pair back to your cause.                             , 


Once the fundraiser ends, we will send you a check by mail with all the funds that were raised! The minimum for a fundraising campaign is10 pairs sold. If you sell less than 10 pairs, the orders will be canceled and refunded unless you extend the sale or order extras to reach 10 pairs.

For more information about setting up a Culture Slides Store for your organization, contact our Slides Representative today!